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Hunter's Companion
This is the knife I purchase when I was in my early teens. I bought it from a Hodges Army store in Mableton Georgia for under $30.00. I used it deer hunting but never sharpen it; it has the complete package it came with.  Puma Knife Man told me its worth between $250.00 - $275.00. I have posted it for you to enjoy and so you could see how much a knife can grow in value.
Use the below CHARTS to help find when your Puma was manufacture
Note: My control number is 22072 (See 3rd Pic Above)
22072 = 1970 - 2nd Quarter
Note: Hunter's Companion 16-394 introduction year was 1970
My Knife was manufacture the 1st year of it's being made!
Thanks to PUMA KNIFE MAN for letting me use the above charts
go to his website to see and buy some super Puma Knives


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